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Round up of the best free SEO Tools for 2015

Here is my collection of free SEO Tools to use for 2015.

A lot of these tools I use all the time, some more than others.

Keyword Research


A limited free version however it can be very useful to find proven keywords from your competitor’s websites.


Type in any seed keyword and this tool will use google suggest + other platforms to discover a shit ton of related terms.

Keyword Tool

keyword tool

After being pointed this one out in the comments  and trying it I love it. Looks better than ubersuggest and has the ability to copy all keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

Free keyword research tool and it’s from Google. The numbers aren’t perfect but it’s still very useful.

Google Trends

Use keywords to discover how markets are trending or what the most popular searches are and in what countries.

Moz keyword difficulty Tool

You will need to sign up for a free trail on moz to gain access.

Long Tail Pro

Made by spencer haws of, the go to tool to find low competition high value long tail keywords.


Domain Names

Pun Generator

Combine Phrases and words to come up with domain or brand name ideas


Search for new domain names, you can also see what TLD is available.


Competitor analysis

Netpeak Checker

Netpeak Checker

Bulk check a list of domains or URLs and get stats from all the major competitor analysis tools like, majestic, Moz, Ahrefs and sem rush. This tool is awesome and complete free!

Open site Explorer

moz OSE

Easily check your competitor’s backlinks. The free version limits the number of results and searches.


Similar to OSE Majestic ( formal majestic SEO ) however you will get different results as both use their own bots. In my experience majestic is better at finding spammy links but OSE is easier to navigate.


The free version is very limited but it is generally considered to find the most links out of all 3.





Check your site or any webpage for plagiarism / duplicate content.


A decent alternative to copyscape with a limited number of searches per day.

Plagiarism Checker

An alternative to copyscape

Create and share infographics easily.


Another Free infographic creation tool


Search for videos by topic.


On page SEO

Xenu Link Sleuth

Crawls your sites links and checks some basic parameters. I mostly use it to find broken links or even links to expired domains.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Crawler that checks all onsite seo elements such as URLs, titles and meta descriptions. I use this daily to check a website is technically sound.

SEO Quake

An old one but still great. A firefox and chrome extension to get real time SEO info about any webpage.


Check for duplicate content on your site.

Schema Creator

Add structured data or schema code to your website.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing’s version of webmaster tools is pretty decent.

Google Webmaster Tools

Discover any html errors, web spam actions and general site errors.

Google Pagespeed insights

Test the performance of you website and find out what’s slowing everything down.


I prefer pingdom over pagespeed insights for testing speed.


another heatmap tool

Google Analytics

Track visitor stats on your site for free.

Google Analytics Configuration Tool

Configure google analytics for event tracking and other more advanced settings without expert knowledge.



Watch what your visitors are doing on your website in real-time. Free for 1 website and 100 recorded sessions.


Keyword Rank Tracking


Track 100s of keywords over multiple domains for free.

Pro Rank Tracker

Track up to 50 keywords for free

SEObook Rank checker

A firefox extension to check keyword rankings.



Next Scripts Auto Poster (SNAP)

next scripts

SNAP saves you time by auto posting your latest blog posts to the major social networks. It takes a bit of time to setup but there are lots of options to make your posts appear pretty on facebook and twitter ect.


I use Yoast on all my WordPress sites as it is very flexible and easy to use out of the box.

Social Locker

Locks specific content within your webpage and makes users pay with a social like, tweet or Google +1 to reveal it.

WP Super Heatmap

A free wordpress heatmap plugin and my preferred option. It hasn’t been updated in over 2 years but it still works fine.

Lazy Load

Improves your page load times by only loading images when they are visible.

Table of Contents Plus

Auto generates a table of contents very similar to Wikipedia for your websites pages or posts using the headings. This has the added benefit of showing a “Jump to” link within the Google search results when someone uses a related keyword.

W3 Total Cache

Improves the speed and performance of wordpress.



Social Media


Discover the most shared content within a particular topic or domain. Free version now limits your results to the top 10.


Similar to buzzsumo, find content that has been shared the most on the web.

Share Tally

Paste any url to discover its share stats on all popular social accounts.


An easy way to manage your social media accounts.

Social Mention

A real-time social media search tool. Find out what people are sharing right now.




Signup for a free hosting account. Very user friendly for the lesser tech savvy users.

Uptime robot

Monitor your sites uptime and receive emails of any outages.



Mail Tester

Handy tool to check if an email address works without spamming.


Gives you a bunch of info about a person using just their email address before you send it in Gmail.

Boomerang for Gmail

Schedule Emails to Send Later, Email Reminders and Email Tracking

Mail chimp

No credit card needed and free for your first 2000 subscribers.




Remove’em Anchor Text Over Optimization report

Buzzstream link building tools

A collection of free tools from buzzstream all aimed around link prospecting and outreach.

Fake Name Generator

I have used this in the past when creating PBNs. WARNING after the latest PBN update I do not recommend using their email address. I would use this only for inspiration for fake names, address and phone numbers.


Local SEO

Google Map Marker

Contribute and mark areas of interest on google maps that they may use to show everyone.

Geo Sitemap an KML Generator

A free local sitemap generator, make it and upload the url in google webmaster tools.


A local citation finder with a free trial but appears to mostly be aimed at Americans & Canadians.


Multipurpose Tools


A general overview of any serp shakeups.

DN Cleaner

I use this tool all the time, great when you are dealing with a massive number of URLs.

Google Algorithm Change History

Find all the known Google algorithm changes since 2000 – 2014+

Black hat World – Daily Proxies

List of public proxies updated daily by “Tompots”


If This Then That is a very user friendly way to automate a huge amount of daily tasks.

Remove Duplicates

Useful for a ton of things again.


Text cleaner with some basic options but can save you loads of time formatting.

Wayback Machine

I use this tool all the time, great for checking expired domains, competitors domains or even if you have deleted some old content from your site and need to recover it.


That’s about it for now but I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few and I’ll have to update this list multiple times.

What free SEO tools do you use? Let me know in the comments.


  • dwiddle

    Should really add to the list :)

    • RichBrown360

      Cheers man, ill check it out.

  • Ryan1983

    Nice list man. I actually prefer to ubersuggest. It’s faster and a cleaner layout. Plus, the “copy all” button is pretty nice.

    • Richbloomingseo

      Another new one for me, your right that does look much cleaner. I’ll add that one to the list.

  • Meta Forensics

    Cheeky self PR post: Have a look at – it is similar to Xenu and Screaming Frog, only it runs online and has a range of reports that you might find useful for onsite SEO. Some example reports can be seen here:

    • Richbloomingseo

      I’ll check it out, thanks.