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Round up of the best free SEO Tools for 2015

Here is my collection of free SEO Tools to use for 2015.

A lot of these tools I use all the time, some more than others.

Keyword Research


A limited free version however it can be very useful to find proven keywords from your competitor’s websites.


Type in any seed keyword and this tool will use google suggest + other platforms to discover a shit ton of related terms.

Keyword Tool

keyword tool

After being pointed this one out in the comments  and trying it I love it. Looks better than ubersuggest and has the ability to copy all keywords.

Google Keyword Planner

Free keyword research tool and it’s from Google. The numbers aren’t perfect but it’s still very useful.

Google Trends

Use keywords to discover how markets are trending or what the most popular searches are and in what countries.

Moz keyword difficulty Tool (more…)

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